About Us

Clean Chem is a brand under ICCIN cleaning chemical Pvt ltd owned subsidiary of ICC GROUP USA a manufacturer of innovative, next-generation cleaning products. Our products are designed to enhance the cleaning experience for consumers and professional users alike. We are dedicated to providing excellent customer service to achieve our market leader goal. Manufacturing is no longer just about making physical products. It’s about defining what it means to be a company, creating experiences that people want and value, and experiencing success through innovation. Manufacturing is at the center of it all.

Our teams are committed to providing customers with innovative products that improve their quality of life.  Our goal is to reduce the list of housekeeping chemicals with effective chemicals. Get solutions for all your Kitchen cleaning problems, total bathroom cleaning solution, and complete floor maintenance for heavy footfall, and laundry detergents for specific requirements with limited effective chemicals.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the leading provider of cleaning and maintenance chemicals by offering high quality products, outstanding customer service and experienced technical support. Our goal is to create strong relationships with our distributor partners and work together to provide a clean, safe environment for generations to come.
We are looking at expanding our manufacturing capabilities, which will allow us to make products that solve a greater number of environmental challenges. As we grow this business, our ability to create better products that deliver greater results and help people with their cleaning needs.
empowering homes places with high quality hygiene standards home cleaning chemicals

Extraordinary Experiences

When it comes to Total Bathroom care solutions our specially formulated product Sanitshine has no competition in the market.

 Furniture shiner and Metalz are unique formulations to maintain your precious expensive buys as good as new always!

Our Core Values

 Demonstrating openness and honesty at all times. Commitment – Calling on passion and persistence to deliver excellence every time.

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