Caring for and maintaining your car is the most important factor in ensuring that it enjoys a long and healthy life.

Some repairs to your car are inevitable as it ages due to regular wear and tear. However, by caring for and maintaining your car properly, many repairs can be minimized or even eliminated altogether.
It is also important to maintain and care for the interior of your car. Dust can contain grit and chemicals that can eat away at the surfaces of your car interior.

Like with the exterior of your car, with regular cleaning, you can stop the buildup of dust, helping your car’s interior remain in optimum condition.

Regularly vacuuming footwells and seats will ensure that dust does not build up. Dust will also collect on areas such as the dashboard but can be easily cleaned with hot water with detergent and a cloth.

If your vehicle has leather upholstery, then ensure that you treat the leather regularly so that it maintains its condition.
Cleaning the underside of your car is not required as often as cleaning your car’s exterior but it is important to build it into your car maintenance and care routine.
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