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  • GLOSSY as name suggests Wood Furniture Cleaner & Polish Is customized to.  Help to Clean, Polish, and Protect Your Wood So That It Will Be Revitalized to Its Natural Beauty and Brilliant Lustre With a Fresh Fragrance. Leaves No Oily or Waxy Residue on Surfaces After Use.
  •  GLOSSY Wood Furniture Polish Is a High-Grade Wood Conditioner, Cleaner, and Polish. Wood Surfaces to a Beautiful, Natural Glow .Regular use Helps Prevent Drying and Fading of All Your Wood Furniture Including Kitchen Cabinets, Tables, Chairs, Desks, Paneling, and Antiques.
  • GLOSSY easily Removes Surface Dirt and Dust Without Drying Out or Harming the Wood, Penetrates Dry Wood Finishes to Replenish Lost Terpenes and Preserve the Wood’s Natural Gloss Shine.
  • Use a Micro Fiber Cloth and Simply Apply Evenly to a Clean Dry Surface, Wait For 10 Seconds Then Wipe Off Excess to Create a Bright Clean Luster. For Heavy Wax Buildup Allow to Penetrate Up to 2-3 Minutes Before Wiping.

Not Suitable for Floors.

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Glossy 3 in 1 furniture cleaner helps to remove accumulated dirt & dust, and grease and protects the wood against moisture damage while leaving no oily or waxy residue on surfaces after use. It is safe for use on wood, laminate surfaces and wall paneling.

GLOSSY offers a range of effective,  home care & personal hygiene products that contribute to increase life of your favorite furniture and  fixture.




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