Metaz-Metal shiner


About this item
  • Restore Luster, Removes Oxidation.
  • Makes Chrome new like factory fresh
  • Just apply, rub and wipe with cloth.
  • Works great on all types of metallic surfaces like chrome, copper, brass, steel, aluminum etc.

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Product description

 METALZ is best but not limited to use on ANY METAL SURFACE that has oxidization, discoloration, tough stains, water spots, or other contaminants can get a brand new look in just a few minutes with the Chrome and Metal Polish. Be it the old copper and brass utensils that have not been used for years or your bronze antiques accumulating dust in a corner of your kitchenware , Metalz has got you covered. It will also take care of your jewelry and metal parts of your musical instruments. Works extremely well in shining metal components of household items like taps, railings, stoves, handles, etc. Any metal surface that has been giving you a tough time will be taken care of by this Metalz polishing  unique product hence increasing life of your favorite furniture and fixtures.


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