About this item
  • Air freshener spray ideal for your Home| Office| Restaurants| Bathroom| Car | Smoking area.
  • Available in Citrus| Rose| Jasmine| Sandalwood| Lavender.
  • Spray this fresh- and flirty-smelling freshener all over your home and create magic in the air


Product Description

ODAGON is a heavy duty deodorant and air freshener that
neutralizes the source of most common obnoxious odors. It works
to eliminate stale odors from the air, fabric or desired surfaces,
leaving a fresh clean fragrance in treated areas. Ideal for use in
public places with heavy traffic and odor problems such as
restrooms, lounges, or kitchens. Safe for all washable surfaces. A must-have air freshener for your home & office, it is easy to use and long-lasting.


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