Total care combo

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Floor cleaner-900 ml

Dishwash gel -250 ml

Multipurpose cleaner-500 ml

Toilet Bowl cleaner- 900ml


Product Description

  • KIT Contains –
    • Multipurpose cleaner- ALL KLEEN (HYGIENIC HARD SURFACE CLEANER) Removes a variety of Grease and Dirt from many Surfaces. This powerful all-purpose cleaner is a 100% water-based solution made with raw materials derived from blends of soy and coconut combined with a state-of-the-art surfactant. This versatile cleaner quickly and effectively removes a variety of grease and dirt from any surface not harmed by water. It can clean metal/wooden surfaces and floors/plastic/glass and even fabric & leatherette stains.
  • Usage- Use on Furniture, Kitchen appliances (Finished look), Tiles, Floor, Fan, Doors, Frames, Decorative Pieces, Finished surface Wardrobes, Shoes, Belts, Bag, Sofa, Chairs, Frames, Tints Plastic AC Unit, Prayer Items, Faucets, Fixtures, Musical Instruments, Auto Chrome, Cutlery, Watches, Showpiece, Antiques, Sign Boards, Name Plates, Idols, at Home, Hotel.

Spray and wipe with a clean microfiber cloth.

2)    Glaze-Liquid dishwash gel– This neutral dishwashing detergent is specifically designed for industrial, institutional, and restaurant use where fast grease emulsification and long-lasting suds are a must. Ideal for pots, pans, and dishes, this product works quickly and leaves surfaces spot and film-free. Although tough on grease and fat, this lotion dish wash is still mild on the hands. Acceptable for use in federally inspected meat and poultry plants.

Usage: Always dilute 1 teaspoon (4ml). Dishwash gel with a bowl of water (30ml) before use. Warning: Do not use undiluted. Wash hands with soap after use.

3) Brite sp9 Toilet bowl cleaner– This cleaner is specially formulated. It removes unpleasant odors resulting from putrefactive processes. Whitens grouts and cement and silicone welds. Irreplaceable for washing and disinfecting stone surfaces, ceramic, enamel and painted. Removes fungi and moules from joints in spray booths.

Usage- Easily spreads in WC. Ideal for both western and Indian Toilets. For powerful results use undiluted products. Do not mix it with any other product. Leave it for 5 min and scrub with a brush and flush for sparkling clean germ free toilets.

4) Floored floor cleaner-





Brite sp9 900ml, All KLEAN 500 ml, Glaze 250 ml, Floored 900ml


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