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  • washroom cleaner

    Bathroom cleaner cum sanitizer


    Introducing a new range of bathroom cleaners from the brand Clean Chem – , total bathroom cleaning solution. This bathroom cleaner keeps your bathroom fresh and free from germs. It can kill 99.9% of all germs.

    * This bathroom cleaner can clean tough stains, grease and particulate matter effectively. It is easy to use. It leaves a refreshing  pine fragrance in the room after use. This  disinfectant bathroom cleaner can be used either direct with spray.

    It can be used on different surfaces such as floors, ceramic tiles, kitchen counters and bathroom sinks. For lightly soiled areas you should spray and leave for two minutes before you wipe with water, and for heavy soiled areas you should spray and leave for 5 min.

    You can use this a variety of bathroom surfaces such as floors, slabs, wall tiles, basins, taps and showerheads.

    *Spray undiluted product  and leave for 1-2 min  wipe with clean microfiber cloth, to get the shine you were looking for.

  • dishwash gel

    Dishwash liquid gel-Pink

  • liquid dishwash gel premiun-Glaze


    Product Description-

    Usage: Always dilute 1 teaspoon (~4ml). Dishwash gel with a bowl of water (~30ml) before use

    Warning: Do not use undiluted. Wash hands with soap after use.


  • Liquid laundry-Nuscent topload


    Product Description

    This Nuscent  Liquid Laundry Detergent combines a powerful formula with boosted stain removal to ensure that every load of laundry comes out clean and fresh. Effectiveness and Efficiency of Detergent.

    (1) It dissolves 100% in water while other detergent powder will leave chunks of undissolved detergent in your washing machine parts. It particularly affects the washer’s drainage system.

    (2) laundry detergents have been optimized for great performance in all types of front load and top load machines.

    (3)Nuscent  liquid  washing detergent also has a refreshing, long-lasting fragrance that freshens up your loads. Step out into the world with confidence knowing that you have Nuscent as your partner in laundry.

    (4) Nuscent cutting- edge technology provides brilliant stain removal for all your clothes, by tackling even tough stains like tea, coffee, tomato, etc.

  • oven and grill

    Oven and grill


    Product Description

    . Unplug the Oven/Grill from power source.

    2. Wipe down your Oven/Grill surfaces with the micro fibre cloth to remove any oil, grease, dirt, burned food, grime etc. Already present on the surface.

    3. Dampen the cloth with Lifealthy cleaning solution, wipe across the surface in slow horizontal motions.

    4. Gently wipe the surface until dry.


  • laundry detergent

    Premium liquid detergent

  • Sale!

    Toilet bowl cleaner-BriteSP9


    Brite sp9 Toilet bowl cleaner– This cleaner is specially formulated. It removes unpleasant odors resulting from putrefactive processes. Whitens grouts and cement and silicone welds. Irreplaceable for washing and disinfecting stone surfaces, ceramic, enamel and painted. Removes fungi and moules from joints in spray booths.

    Usage- Easily spreads in WC. Ideal for both western and Indian Toilets. For powerful results use undiluted products. Do not mix it with any other product. Leave it for 5 min and scrub with a brush and flush for sparkling clean germ free toilets.