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    Air Freshner Combo


    Clean Chem’s Air Freshner combo

    • Refresh your space with the soothing scent of Jasmine and sandalwood with our air freshener.
    • Delight your senses with the calming and floral aroma of jasmine combined with the warm and woody notes of sandalwood.
    • Creates a pleasant and inviting atmosphere in any room or enclosed space.
    • Long-lasting fragrance that lingers in the air, providing continuous freshness.
    • Instantly masks unpleasant odors, leaving behind a captivating scent.
    • Convenient spray bottle allows for easy application, providing a burst of fragrance with each spray.
  • Sale! Air Freshner

    Air freshner Jasmine


    Air Freshner Jasmine

    • Experience the captivating and exotic scent of jasmine with our jasmine air freshener.
    • Transport yourself to a blooming garden filled with the intoxicating fragrance of jasmine flowers.
    • Long-lasting formula that keeps your space smelling fresh and floral for hours.
    • Instantly eliminates unwanted odors, replacing them with the enchanting aroma of jasmine.
    • Convenient spray bottle for easy and precise application in any room or enclosed space.
    • Enhance your mood and create a serene and relaxing atmosphere with the soothing scent of jasmine.
  • Sale! Air Freshner

    Air freshner Lavender


    Air Freshner Lavender

    • Enjoy the calming and therapeutic scent of lavender with our lavender air freshener.
    • Transform your space into a peaceful oasis with the soothing aroma of fresh lavender fields.
    • Long-lasting fragrance that promotes relaxation and helps to reduce stress and anxiety.
    • Eliminates unpleasant odors, leaving behind a refreshing and soothing lavender scent.
    • Spray bottle design allows for effortless and convenient application in various areas of your home.
    • Indulge in the tranquil and floral fragrance of lavender, perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, or meditation spaces.
  • Sale! Air Freshner

    Air Freshner Lemon


    Air Freshener Lemon

    • Invigorate your space with the zesty and uplifting scent of lemon with our lemon air freshener.
    • Energize your senses and create a fresh and vibrant ambiance with the refreshing aroma of lemon.
    • Long-lasting formula that effectively neutralizes odors, leaving a clean and citrusy fragrance.
    • Convenient spray bottle for easy application in kitchens, bathrooms, or any area in need of a burst of freshness.
    • Enjoy the crisp and invigorating scent of lemons, for their revitalizing and mood-enhancing properties.
  • Sale! Air Freshner

    Air freshner Rose


    Air Freshner Rose

    • Transform your space into a floral paradise with the delicate and enchanting scent of rose.
    • Experience the timeless elegance and beauty of fresh roses with our captivating air freshener.
    • Creates a romantic and soothing atmosphere, perfect for relaxation and rejuvenation.
    • Long-lasting fragrance that infuses the air with the delightful aroma of blooming roses.
    • Instantly eliminates unpleasant odors, leaving behind a refreshing and inviting scent.
    • Convenient spray bottle allows for effortless application, ensuring a burst of rose fragrance with every spray.
    • Versatile use in homes, offices, cars, or any enclosed space that needs a touch of floral charm.
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    APC Multipurpose Cleaner| 5Ltr

    • Multi-surface cleaner designed for heavily contaminated surfaces and interior fittings.
    • Effectively removes both old and fresh dirt and organic impurities.
    • Safe to use on a variety of surfaces and helps slow down the accumulation of new dirt.
    • Leaves a long-lasting fresh aroma for a pleasant environment.
  • washroom cleaner

    Bathroom cleaner cum sanitizer


    Clean Chem-Bathroom cleaner cum Sanitizer

    • Bathroom cleaner which kills 99.9% of all germs*
    • Removes tough stains, grease and particulate matter effectively
    • Leaves a refreshing fresh pine fragrance
    • Can be used on a variety of surfaces like ceramic, marble, granite, mosaic etc.
    • Easy to use
    • All-in-one bathroom cleaner for bathroom floors, slabs, wall tiles, sinks, basins, stainless steel taps and shower heads.
  • Sale! bathroom cleaning solution

    Bathroom cleaner-Sanitshine


    Clean Chem’s Sanitshine – Total Bathroom Cleaning Solution|500ml

    • Kills 99.9% of germs* to keep your bathroom fresh and germ-free.
    • Effectively cleans tough stains, grease, and particulate matter.
    • Easy to use with spray application.
    • Leaves a refreshing pine fragrance in the room.
    • Suitable for various surfaces including floors, ceramic tiles, kitchen counters, and bathroom sinks
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    About this item

    • Clean Chem’s whitex Gives white clothes shine like new after every wash.
    • Does not cause damage or dullness even after repeated washes
    • Not for coloured clothes.
    • For very tough stains apply Clean Chems whitex directly on the stain and rub before washing with laundry detergent.
    • Soak clothes for 20 min for better results.
    • Add Clean Chems whitex White along with your detergent in every wash


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    Bleeding Rim- Car care


    Clean Chem’s Bleeding Rim|900ml

    • Specially formulated professional product for cleaning wheel rims, targeting stubborn metallic dirt, rust, and brake pad dust.
    • Named after its red color reaction with dirt, visually indicating the accumulated dirt on the wheel rim.
    • Gel consistency and thick formulation allows for easy penetration and coverage of the entire wheel rim surface.
    • The product effectively streams down through the rim, ensuring thorough cleaning.
    • Suitable for use on various wheel rim materials such as aluminum, chrome, and enamelled surfaces.
    • Designed for cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles with wheel rims.
    • Helps restore the original shine and cleanliness of the wheel rims.
    • Professional-grade formulation for effective and efficient cleaning.
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    Carko-car cockpit cleaner


    Clean Chem’s Car Cock Pit Cleaner|900ml

    • Powerful cleaning formula designed to tackle heavily contaminated surfaces in car cockpits
    • Effectively removes exploitative pollution, finger marks, dust, and sediments
    • Safe to use on a variety of materials commonly found in car interiors, including enamelled grain leather, plastics, wood, wood-like surfaces, laminates, and veneers
    • Provides a thorough and deep clean, leaving surfaces looking fresh and revitalized
    • Non-abrasive formula prevents damage or scratching to delicate surfaces
    • Restores the original appearance of materials, removing stains and grime effectively
    • Easy to use spray bottle allows for precise application and even coverage
    • Leaves behind a clean and pleasant scent, enhancing the overall atmosphere of the car
    • Ideal for regular maintenance and spot cleaning to keep the car cockpit looking its best
    • Can be used on various car components, including dashboard, door panels, steering wheel, center console, and other hard surfaces.
  • Ceramic coating

  • Clothes Sanitizer

    • DISINFECTS CLOTHES- Detergents help in removing dirt, Clean Chem’s Laundry Disinfectant kills germs including Virus;,Fungi,bacteria
    • REFRESHES CLOTHES – Conditioner that kills odour causing bacteria and leaves clothes with fresh and blossom like fragrance
    • GENTLE AND SAFE – Tested to be gentle and safe on  non dyed clothes.
    • SAFE FOR KIDS AND PETS- Safe for kids and pets clothes.


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    Dishwash liquid gel-Glaze


    Glaze Dishwash Gel|250ml

    • Fast grease emulsification: Removes tough grease quickly and efficiently.
    • Long-lasting effect: Provides extended cleaning power.
    • Spot and film-free surfaces: Leaves pots, pans, and dishes sparkling clean.
    • Mild on hands: Gentle formula protects hands during dishwashing.
    •  Meets safety regulations for food preparation areas.
  • Eco-Bathroom cleaner cum sanitizer


    Introducing a new range of bathroom cleaners from the brand Clean Chem – Sanitshine, total bathroom cleaning solution. This bathroom cleaner keeps your bathroom fresh and free from germs. It can kill 99.9% of all germs.* This bathroom cleaner can clean tough stains, grease and particulate matter effectively. It is easy to use. It leaves a refreshing  pine fragrance in the room after use. This  disinfectant bathroom cleaner can be used either direct with spray. It can be used on different surfaces such as floors, ceramic tiles, kitchen counters and bathroom sinks. For lightly soiled areas you should spray and leave for two minutes before you wipe with water, and for heavy soiled areas you should spray and leave for 5 min. You can use this a variety of bathroom surfaces such as floors, slabs, wall tiles, basins, taps and showerheads. *Post 5 mins of contact with undiluted product wipe with clean microfiber cloth.


  • floor cleaner

    Eco-Floor cleaner


    Eco Floor Cleaner is your choice when selecting a product for daily maintenance of finished hard surfaces. It’s gentle formula with a pH of 6.6-7.5 enables Flored to enhance shine rather than dulling or discoloring your finished surface. Flored is a concentrated solution of surfactants, emulsifiers and chelating agents that is ideal for quick and thorough removal of soil and dirt from floors, walls, table tops and many other surfaces. Get sparkling clean homes,offices,malls,resturants,schools etc.