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    APC Multipurpose Cleaner| 5Ltr

    • Multi-surface cleaner designed for heavily contaminated surfaces and interior fittings.
    • Effectively removes both old and fresh dirt and organic impurities.
    • Safe to use on a variety of surfaces and helps slow down the accumulation of new dirt.
    • Leaves a long-lasting fresh aroma for a pleasant environment.
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    Bleeding Rim- Car care


    Clean Chem’s Bleeding Rim|900ml

    • Specially formulated professional product for cleaning wheel rims, targeting stubborn metallic dirt, rust, and brake pad dust.
    • Named after its red color reaction with dirt, visually indicating the accumulated dirt on the wheel rim.
    • Gel consistency and thick formulation allows for easy penetration and coverage of the entire wheel rim surface.
    • The product effectively streams down through the rim, ensuring thorough cleaning.
    • Suitable for use on various wheel rim materials such as aluminum, chrome, and enamelled surfaces.
    • Designed for cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles with wheel rims.
    • Helps restore the original shine and cleanliness of the wheel rims.
    • Professional-grade formulation for effective and efficient cleaning.
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    Carko-car cockpit cleaner


    Clean Chem’s Car Cock Pit Cleaner|900ml

    • Powerful cleaning formula designed to tackle heavily contaminated surfaces in car cockpits
    • Effectively removes exploitative pollution, finger marks, dust, and sediments
    • Safe to use on a variety of materials commonly found in car interiors, including enamelled grain leather, plastics, wood, wood-like surfaces, laminates, and veneers
    • Provides a thorough and deep clean, leaving surfaces looking fresh and revitalized
    • Non-abrasive formula prevents damage or scratching to delicate surfaces
    • Restores the original appearance of materials, removing stains and grime effectively
    • Easy to use spray bottle allows for precise application and even coverage
    • Leaves behind a clean and pleasant scent, enhancing the overall atmosphere of the car
    • Ideal for regular maintenance and spot cleaning to keep the car cockpit looking its best
    • Can be used on various car components, including dashboard, door panels, steering wheel, center console, and other hard surfaces.
  • Ceramic coating

  • Quick Shine-car-care


    Clean Chem’sQuick Shine|900 ML

    Experience the ultimate care for your car’s paint and shiny surfaces with our ready-to-use nurturing product.

    • Watch as it enhances and strengthens the color of your car, giving it a vibrant and refreshed look.
    • Slight dirt and water stains are no match for our powerful formula, which effortlessly removes them.
    • Simplify the process of vaporization with our product, making it easier to maintain a clean and shiny surface.
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    Shine-Car shampoo


    Clean Chem’s Car Shampoo|900ml

    • Removes dirt, grime, and road contaminants for a sparkling clean finish.
    • Unique and intense cherry aroma adds a delightful scent to the washing process.
    • Ideal for passenger cars, whether for personal or professional use.
    • Achieve a spotless, beautifully clean car with every wash.