Value Pack Laundry Kit

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Clean Chem’s-Laundry Combo Pack|900ML Nuscent|900ml Feather|Whitex 900ml|Sanitizer 900 ml|500ml Spot cleaner

Nuscent Liquid Detergent 900 ml

  • Powerful Cleaning: Effectively removes dirt, grime, and stains from your clothes.
  • Gentle on Fabrics: Formulated to be gentle on all types of fabrics, preserving their quality and color

Feather Fabric Softener 900 ml

    • Soft and Luxurious Feel: Infuses your clothes with a soft and silky touch, enhancing comfort.
    • Reduces Wrinkles: Helps to minimize wrinkles and make ironing easier.
    • Static Control: Prevents static cling, keeping your garments free from static electricity.

Spot Cleaner-500 ml

    • Targeted Stain Removal: Powerful formula specifically designed to tackle tough stains and spots.
    • Versatile Use: Suitable for pre-treating stains before washing or for spot cleaning on the go.

Whitex- 900ml

    • Restore White Brilliance: Revives the shine of white clothes, keeping them looking
    • Expert Fabric Whitener: Infused with optical brighteners, it enhances the brightness of white fabrics, giving them a radiant shine.
    • Tough Stain Removal: Eliminates even the most stubborn dried-on stains, ensuring a stain-free laundry experience.
    • Suitable for whites only.

Fabric sanitizer-900ml

    • Detergents help in removing dirt, Clean Chem’s  Laundry Disinfectant kills germs including Virus, Fungi, bacteria.



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Introducing Clean Chem’s  Laundry Combo Pack, the ultimate solution for all your laundry needs! This specially curated pack includes four essential products: Fabric Conditioner, Whitex for White Clothes, Spot Cleaner, and Nuscent for Color Clothes. With these powerful formulas, you can achieve immaculate results while caring for your garments.

Upgrade your laundry game and achieve impeccable results with our Laundry Combo Pack. Whether it’s rejuvenating your fabrics, brightening whites, banishing stains, or protecting vibrant colors, this pack has it all. Experience the magic for yourself and transform your laundry routine into a delightfully fresh and rewarding experience.