Wool Wash

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About this Product-

  • Advanced washing machine liquid: Powerful cleansing formula for stain removal without fabric damage or color loss.
  • In-built conditioner: Micro conditioners enhance cleansing action and soften every thread of the fabric.
  • Retains newness: pH-neutral formula gently cleanses, leaving clothes soft, fluffy, and good as new.
  • Special ‘no-soda’ formula: Helps maintain clothes, prevents shrinking and fading.
  • Ideal for delicate clothes: Best results for cotton, linen, silk, denim, and baby wear.
  • Easy to handle: Ergonomically designed pack with spill-proof nozzle for improved grip and handling.
  • Suitable for bucket and machine wash: Maintains clothes and prevents shrinking and fading.

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“Clean Chem’s Wool wash detergent liquid is the ultimate all-purpose laundry detergent for your everyday delicate clothes. Its strong formula ensures thorough cleansing for both whites and colored garments. With added fabric conditioner for softness and a delightful fragrance, this liquid detergent is designed for easy handling in front load and top-load washing machines. Its pH-neutral, no-soda formula safeguards against shrinking and fading, making it safe and gentle for expensive lingerie, silks, woolens, and even babywear. Experience superior cleanliness and care with Clean Chem’s Wool wash detergent.”