Bleeding Rim- Car care

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Clean Chem’s Bleeding Rim|900ml

  • Specially formulated professional product for cleaning wheel rims, targeting stubborn metallic dirt, rust, and brake pad dust.
  • Named after its red color reaction with dirt, visually indicating the accumulated dirt on the wheel rim.
  • Gel consistency and thick formulation allows for easy penetration and coverage of the entire wheel rim surface.
  • The product effectively streams down through the rim, ensuring thorough cleaning.
  • Suitable for use on various wheel rim materials such as aluminum, chrome, and enamelled surfaces.
  • Designed for cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles with wheel rims.
  • Helps restore the original shine and cleanliness of the wheel rims.
  • Professional-grade formulation for effective and efficient cleaning.

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This product is specifically designed to tackle dirty wheel rims and trims, making it easier to clean and restore their original appearance.

This product is ideal for various types of wheel rims, including those made of aluminum, chrome, and enamel. It is specifically formulated to effectively remove stubborn dirt, rust, and brake pad dust from these surfaces, leaving them looking renewed and pristine.

How to use bleeding rim for cars-

  • Spray the product directly onto the dirty parts of the wheel rim or trim. Ensure full coverage of the affected areas.
  • Allow the product to work its magic for approximately 2-3 minutes. During this time, the red color reaction will begin to appear, indicating that the product is actively breaking down and lifting the accumulated dirt.
  • After the allotted time, wash down the wheel rim with highly pressured water. This will help rinse away the product along with the loosened dirt, revealing a clean and refreshed wheel rim.


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