Premium Care Combo

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Clean Chem’s Glossy furniture shiner 500ml| Metalz 100 ml 

Clean Chem’s high-Grade Wood Conditioner: GLOSSY acts as a premium wood conditioner, cleaner, and polish, enhancing the appearance of wood surfaces with a beautiful, natural glow.

Prevents Drying and Fading: Regular use of GLOSSY helps prevent drying and fading of all your wood furniture, including kitchen cabinets, tables, chairs, desks, paneling, and antiques.

Clean Chem’s Superior Shine: Metalz is the ultimate metal shiner, specially formulated to give your metal surfaces a brilliant, mirror-like shine.

Restores Luster: Revitalize your metal items to their original luster and beauty with Metalz.

Versatile Application: Suitable for use on a wide range of metal surfaces, including stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, chrome, and more.

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Rediscover the radiance and beauty of your wood furniture with GLOSSY Wood Furniture Cleaner & Polish. Experience the transformative power of this high-quality formula that cleans, protects, and enhances the natural elegance of your beloved wood furnishings.

Easy Application: Simply spray  GLOSSY evenly to a clean microfiber cloth, and apply to  clean surface .

Buff with the help of microfiber cloth.


  • Easy to Use: Simply apply Metalz to a clean cloth or sponge and gently rub onto the metal surface. Watch as it effortlessly removes dirt, grime, and oxidation, leaving behind a stunning shine.

Long-lasting Protection: Metalz not only shines your metal surfaces but also forms a protective barrier to guard against future tarnishing and corrosion.

  • Multi-purpose: Perfect for use on a variety of metal items, including jewelry, kitchenware, car parts, musical instruments, and more.
  • Safe and Non-abrasive: Metalz is non-abrasive, making it safe to use on delicate metal surfaces without causing any scratches or damage.

Trusted by professionals, Metalz delivers professional-grade results in the comfort of your own home.


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