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APC Multipurpose Cleaner| 5Ltr

  • Multi-surface cleaner designed for heavily contaminated surfaces and interior fittings.
  • Effectively removes both old and fresh dirt and organic impurities.
  • Safe to use on a variety of surfaces and helps slow down the accumulation of new dirt.
  • Leaves a long-lasting fresh aroma for a pleasant environment.

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Application Area:

  • Suitable for use on grain leather, textile with permanent color, and plastics.
  • Also ideal for cleaning wooden and wooden-like surfaces, as well as laminates and veneers.How to use Multipurpose Cleaner-APC
    • Prior to use, refer to the product’s safety data sheet for instructions.
    • Dilute the concentrated cleaner to create an appropriate working solution.
    • Carefully apply the solution to the surface using a sprinkler or spray bottle.
    • Allow the solution to sit on the surface for approximately 15-20 seconds.
    • Gently scrub the surface with a delicate brush or sponge to remove dirt and impurities.
    • Thoroughly wash the surface with water to remove any remaining residue.
    • Follow with a dry wipe to ensure the surface is left clean and dry.

    Note: Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and perform a patch test on a small, inconspicuous area before applying the cleaner to the entire surface.