Shine-Car shampoo

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Clean Chem’s Car Shampoo|900ml

  • Removes dirt, grime, and road contaminants for a sparkling clean finish.
  • Unique and intense cherry aroma adds a delightful scent to the washing process.
  • Ideal for passenger cars, whether for personal or professional use.
  • Achieve a spotless, beautifully clean car with every wash.

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A highly concentrated  car shampoo that provides a safe and effective method for washing vehicles. This specially formulated foam is designed to be harmless to car surfaces, making it suitable for use on vehicles types of passenger cars.

How to use car shampoo-

  • Adjust dilution ratio based on contamination level (1-5% recommended).
  • Can be applied using a sprinkler, foam lance, or manual application with a sponge.